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This is a blog created to interact with people that are interested in exchanging ideas and taking part in dialogue relating to the subjects of philosophy, science, and all that is important other than money.

This is my first blogging experience so I really don’t know where things will go, but I’m hoping that there are others out there, with the same interests, who can collaborate with me and others in discussions on this site, taking it into a self organized intellectual direction.

Our objective will be exploring the ideas of reality, purpose and truth to the extent they can in any way be objective. If not, my hope is our collective knowledge and wisdom can get us closer.

Of course this might not always work. Other than spammers and people with intentional biased agendas who will always try to intrude with closed ears, we probably all have a subconscious bias, we are not aware of, and try to reason them out. I know for one, after careful examination of myself, I find I am, and only with great effort, difficulty and self examination can I detect this. I also find that others can detect it in me far easier, and hope we can help each other in this area.

I only hope we are all open minded to the extent we understand that our collective effort, if sincere, might bring better results than any of us individually.

4 responses to “About Blog

  1. Too much focus has been given to individuality, and was the reason I made this blog, but you know what, you have a point which may have actually expanded my way of thinking. You are quite right. To avoid what they call “groupthink” one must appreciate individual thinking. In Fact I would say that, as long as individuals are honest and seeking a noble goal, rather than a selfish one, biased opinion which is unavoidable could be what adds to the whole than any single person can achieve by him or herself. It is the coming together of the different point of views (call them biased) is that brings more resilience to the collective.

    I’m treading carefully not to confuse this with Rational Egoism, a potently evident philosophy I wish not to be true, but seems to be what runs the modern world.

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