We have less control than we think

There are many unresolved issues I have for accepting that there is no Freewill at all, which I will attempt to put forward in future posts, once I reconcile what seems to be a paradox in my mind. I do believe though, that we have less control than most people believe we do.

One thing I do like about lack of Free Will, is that it will make people thankful when they do well. Too many people give themselves too much credit, and give too little acknowledgment to the hand of fortunate circumstances, whether they have been endowed with good memory, good education, good parenting, good willpower and discipline, good friends, or just plain old good luck.

One response to “We have less control than we think

  1. I agree. The world has a lot to do with the circumstances. The mind can see it in so many ways as well. It makes studying life a bit harder. Causing one to see signs, or laws, where there is only you.

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