Truth and Reality

Since my hope is we come to some agreement and possibly a collective verdict on many different issues a good place to start would be epistemology, which is basically the study or theory of knowledge. What exactly does it mean to know?

This subject as simple as it may sound is quite immense. A good number of what we would call very intelligent philosophers spent their lives trying to answer it and no real verdict has come out on top, although there is some consensus within groups.

Before we get to all the different types of knowledge and theories of great thinkers, I have a straight froward question to ask that has plagued me for sometime now.

What is the difference between truth and reality? Is truth a subset of reality or reality a subset of truth?

2 responses to “Truth and Reality

  1. Hi Philomath, in my view, the question underlying all others is ‘Which precedes the other – matter (objective reality) or consciousness and thought. One’s answer to this will shape one’s answer to all other questions including the closely related one you pose. Phil Stanfield

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  2. Thanks for your insight Phil. I wish I had an answer. Definitions are important and those two words “Truth” and “Reality” are used so commonly they mean many different things or the same thing depending who you are and what discipline you are in. In the end, they are only words, and what is meant by them is what’s important.

    For the purpose of this blog, I’m defining Reality as a phenomena that can be measured, and Truth as one beyond measurement but still exists. The problem is there are real things that may be measurable in the future but have not been discovered, but in Truth we have to accept things that are inherently beyond measurement as also existing.

    I like the way you used consciousness as a truth, since it certainly exists, but is also intrinsically beyond measurement, specially as it relates to the “Hard Problem of Consciousness”. We have to be careful in also defining Truth as objective truth, and not subjective as used in everyday life. It’s very easy for people to assume Truth is only subjective because of the measurement problem.

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