Cycle of Wisdom

A child protected, sheltered, loved for his innocence, the innate state of a beautiful beginning, no lies or deception, pure in heart, emotions, passions, a reflection of his wants, actions without thought. Oh, how so I miss that person, the one who shaped my character, the loved one, grateful with his smiles and happiness, taking from life without remorse.

Nothing past to dwell, or history written, actions or reactions, regrets set in motion by life’s alchemy. No time wasted to ponder mistakes made, misappropriated anger or neglected love, No missteps or scars, entropy confined by the arrow of time, cannot be undone or restored, ingrained like a tree trunk, the seasons of times past.

Not consumed by the unknown, The unwarranted pessimism of time yet to reveal it self, No contemplation of beautiful dreams, optimism, hope, yet to be shattered by the unwavering pattern of life’s disappointments. No reason to run, to rush, to make untimely decisions, to stress or worry about words not understood yet, the future, the end.

Enjoying the moment, the present, the games, the awe of discovery, a clean slate not yet tarnished by life’s guilt’s. Authentic in desire, nothing serious, time filled with play and laughter, genuine fun, only wanting more, insomnia a friend, everything right now, without delay, and one more time. Time to sleep an enemy, bedtime stories a remedy.

Nothing matters to a child, no existence beyond the here and now, a true companion to one who is now wise, and the end is near.

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