The Selfish Truth

I lie when I’m ashamed I have done something that is not me. the devil in me you may say with no reason, no logic, just the animal I become. This lie I keep to the grave for not even I can forgive, suffer through life the punishment is innate.

I also lie when I say I know not. A secret that has been bestowed on me. A heavy burden this may be but suffer I don’t, this is not my deed. Only to be brought out if it brings calm, when harm it does to an innocent soul.

Another truth I seek to evade and cage if I become aware, that of gossip, people’s favourite game, parading other’s misdeeds. I try so hard to keep in me, and maintain the peace, from spreading a human flaw that all have and may feel remorse. Others barter with such truths, that does not inflict on them those that trade, other than the accumulation of shames, which they collect like bars of gold, to be used for another day, exchanging it for a secret on sale.

Little White lies are for simple minds that don’t understand. They look for instant smiles, hugs and joys. Believing you for what she wears, like a queen you may say. Or a child accepts his work as great, there’s no need for further strain. Why would they ask unless truth is what they seek, even though it may sting, for in the end they may change. And bliss you will feel for guiding them to the pleasure they sought.

And those that lie for themselves, to progress their lives which they earned non. Taking credit for others work and creating work where non was done. Short term is their sight, the long journey is what it’s about. as they will be discovered, didn’t you know people are bright. And then what but down they feel, for the peak has been reached. Meaningless does life become.

The worst are those we see all day, so-called experts on TV, playing with our heads convincing us up is down. Take this money it is all yours, spend it on a house or clothes, don’t worry about paying back, not yet anyway. Charts they show, investments, they pretend they know, when throwing dart is probably a better way to go. The worst of the worst are the ones that sell wars, a moral hazard for sure, since who is to blame when so many die, no one, you supported the cause.

No one can be a judge for this, as we all easily believe, even our own lies when we say them long enough. However denial is not a river in Egypt, be educated be informed but most of all, always aim high, for it will benefit no one but you in the end, and this is the selfish truth.

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