What Social Status?

I have always grappled with the idea of social status as the prime motivator of people, and wanted to disagree with it. I felt social status should not be a goal in life, making myself believe, it’s a human weakness that we have relating to the ego, which at the end of the day can be destructive to a true life of value.

Of course I see this struggle within my self. I couldn’t deny, however much I wanted to, that status is very important. What people thought was something  I can pretend I didn’t care about, but I would be fooling myself. I’m sure some have managed with great courage and discipline to rid themselves of this, but I certainly haven’t. What was the problem? Why do I detest it so much, yet yearn for it like the oxygen that fills my lungs.

I have come to realise there is nothing wrong with aspiring for social status, however what our modern capitalist society dictates as worthy of status is that which nauseates me. The modern man-made virtues of greed, accumulation of money, what I can buy, how much I can spend, look at my car, my diamond ring, my billion dollar house, my private jet, are all so clear and dominant, like a plague infecting people all over the world. Do I really want to live a life where “he who dies with the most toys wins”

How can I teach my daughter there is more to life than this, when this is what brings status. How can I compete with TV shows that brainwash her little, beautiful, accepting, susceptible mind.  All this conniving manipulation, before she can even utter a word. Not even I can avoid the sweet taste of sugar that will rot my teeth. Is this what an enlightened society means? Is this what we want for our children? Is this what education is about?

Yes social status is what I want, but in a society that looks up to the virtues I cherish. I want to be acknowledged for something worthwhile. And what is that, I ask my self. The answers are, all those things I can smile about, and be proud of, as I take my last breath, before the curtain of life falls.

3 responses to “What Social Status?

  1. I don’t even have cable. Youtube and Netflix are all I need. And wordpress of course.

    Great post. It affects me in much the same way, but only with certain things. My computer, games, keeping clean.

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    • Yeh… Tell me about it. I must have spent a good portion of my life playing computer games, Command and Conquer, Simcity, Civilization, are only a few. You can say I was addicted. I also felt some games such as Simfarm, Simearth and even Civilization were educational to some extent. It would be good if education in the future would come in the form of games because I hated school. lol.

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      • Me too. It was such a forced education 8 had. I actually had a game called math blaster when I was 6 or 8. I learned faster on that that I ever did in school. It even had an enviromentally aware message to it. The bad guy was a trash alien. He would just litter up the entire galaxy.

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