What Is Man? , by Mark Twain

This is the only Mark Twain book I’ve read so far. I put this book first on my blog for several reasons. Its short but potent. It has provoked deep insight, and soul-searching.

For such a short book, and for a person not considered a philosopher, I thought this might very well be the most exquisite, and frank presentation of what it is to be human.

It explained the very struggle within that seduced me to philosophy in the first place. While I don’t necessarily like the conclusion. The truth sometimes hurts.

His perspective, which is sincere in its egoistic conclusion, depicts all actions serving the inner spirit, for good or bad. Rather than agreeing, I would prefer to maintain the divide within me, the struggle that wishes this not to be true, and am content to live life searching for a better answer, knowing I may never get one.

The book basically defines the motives behind all human actions, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested to know what drives him or her, without fooling themselves.

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