An Inquiry in to Happiness

A bunch of friends decided to go and watch their favourite football team play in a major stadium-filled final game. Usually they would watch these games on TV, but had decided on this occasion they would purchase tickets and go to the stadium to watch it, having all agreed the experience is worth while.

Scenario 1

Their team playing at home and being a major underdog the game had started with an almost mythical play. Their team scored straight away against their highly ranked opponent. The awe felt in the stadium was one of historical proportions, one that some would call mystical. It was one big party, not only between the friends, but all the supporters. To such an extent this was, the genuine happiness of all the supporters, everyone was buying each other food and beverages.

The sense of comradery was a one in a lifetime experience, especially because their team was playing exceptionally well, and outperforming the opponent in ways that has never been seen, throughout the match keeping up the lead. With 2 minutes remaining the opponent team managed to turn things around and we’re lucky enough to win the game. The game was over. So sudden this was, near the end, that before anyone could register the shock, everyone was leaving the stadium.

Scenario 2

In an alternate universe the same game was played, but the events where reversed. The highly ranked opponent got an early lead, the stadium was filled with unhappy supporters, shouting and complaining throughout the game, near-fights starting between supporters. Although expected, the mood was miserable, and nothing changed throughout the game. With 2 minutes remaining, people started leaving, expecting the better team to maintain the lead.

Somehow the underdogs, the team supported by the Friends, scored and pulled off a win. Before anyone could realy comprehend what happened and celebrate, the game was over and everyone left the stadium.


If you had to choose one or the other, which scenario would have made you happier if you were one of those friends?

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