Who is to blame?

Has the world changed or am I now old enough to see behind the veil, the reality that has always been there, ready to ignite, and does every century or so.

Scientist such as David Bohm, and Philosophers such as Eckhart Tolle have hinted about this interconnected’ness of all actions. In a deterministic world one can imagine that all actions are in reality reactions. We are never privy to the whole picture, only our perspective of it.

Did the tit-for-tat start while we were hunter gatherers, before, or may be after, with the invention of farming and the advent of modern civilisation. It really doesn’t matter because we have no record of it, and no one to blame or punish, a potent human instinct as real as love, jealousy, hatred, and all the other emotions the human animal has been bestowed with.

History by definition cannot be objective, but like the fallibility of language, it’s the best thing we have to work with. The problem is no one is interested in history. It’s boring, bias, elitist, and certainly written by the victors or in-groups who distort the stories to suit their needs and if honest can only shed light from their own perspective.

Did it start with the Egyptians, the Greeks, or Romans or was it the Colonialist or may be Slavery. Each had an effect on who we are right now. The pendulum keeps swinging but no one was there when it started. We are nothing but mere shortsighted agents, for the most part observers.

What were the reasons behind the First World War, only snippets are known through the history books. Surely we cannot be naive to believe we know it all, or that it was about good and evil, casting peoples with a brushstroke. If I had to guess I would say it was instigated by something that happened before, which was in turn instigated by something before that and so on, most probably forgotten or omitted in the history books.

If we survive, I can imagine a future where people would say everything bad was a reaction to what happened on 911, and that would be the starting point between good and evil. The evil doers did it because they hated our way of life. It’s simple, easy, catchy, and dreadfully inaccurate, but no one would be the wiser.

Something like “We had to act and purge those who hated us from our countries, we had no choice. They hated our way of life” would be the prominent perspective. There would be little mention or credence given to the wars that created the necessity for those to migrate, mostly to survive. The detailed history of refugees would be as hidden as it has been with slavery, a shameful past for which no one at present should be blamed for. There may be truth in this, since we may need to blame the first farmers.

Everything is connected. Let us be tolerant and not so ignorant and naive as to believe anything happens in isolation.

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